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The Best Mobile Deal app is Android and Apple approved. It’s designed to monitor your phone usage without invading your privacy so that it can match you to the best mobile deal for you. For free.

Impartial and free. Always.

We are on a mission to save Britain money on the their mobiles.

Millions of Brits are out of contract and paying over the odds. But with over 250,000 offers out there, finding the right one for you can feel too time-consuming and frankly, too boring.

So we wrote an app that does all the hard work for you. And it’s free to use.

How do we make money? All the networks pay commission for new customers so we make our money from rather than charge you. It’s important to us that you get the right deal for you so we don’t influence the results you see in any way. 

How Does The App Work?

Keeping you informed

Best Mobile Deal provides 3 standard alerts:

  1. Average data – if a device goes over its pro rata allowance for the day.
  2. Monthly data limit – if a device uses more than 80% of its monthly data plan.
  3. Country change – if a device has arrived in another country

Help with the cost of living

We show you how much mobile data each of your family members uses and on which applications.

This allows you to make informed decisions towards where you use your data and how to manage your mobile spend.

Best Mobile Deal is free, impartial & user-friendly, give it a try today!!

Simple to get started

Under 2 minutes to install, register and start saving

No cost to you

Best Mobile Deal is free for you to use.


Your data remains securely on your device.

No effort

The app will alert you when it needs to.

Latest greatest deals

Impartial deals designed to give you the best deal

Saving you money

Use our app to save you money on your devices.

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Find the best mobile phone deals. For free.

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